ICGM Distance Learning Program

Generative Medicine: A 21st Century Practice

Become a student on the ICGM Distance Learning Program. The two principal tracks are the Personalized Nutrition Advisor Program and the Generative Medicine Program. These provide tools for practice, and open the door to advanced research in the innate self-healing power of individuals. The Basic Equivalency and Advanced Equivalency preparatory programs are designed to provide the preliminary knowledge to enable further study on the certification programs.

  • Launch or enhance your career in nutrition and wellness with the tools of the future;
  • Update your practice with the most sophisticated tools of the health and wellness industry;
  • Learn how to apply the principles of Generative Medicine, exploring and integrating your patients’ unique features with an holistic approach using systems biology and bioinformatics to unlock the many latent healing powers of the body;
  • Develop strategies to support the body naturally with precision: a diet and lifestyle and supplements unique to every patient.

To communicate the use of bioinformatics in their field of practice and research, clinicians of the 21st century will require specific education in the biological sciences, computing and information technology. This helps to extract relevant information from the advancing knowledge in human health and disease, and apply practical translatable methods and tools to their patients. From the fundamental and wide-reaching Basic Equivalency Program course, through the Personalized Nutrition Advisor Program to the Advanced Equivalency and International College of Generative Medicine Programs you can launch and continue to advance your knowledge for personal and professional use.

Basic Equivalency

Personalized Nutrition Advisor

Advanced Equivalency

Generative Medicine

The ICGM Distance Learning Program starts where other nutrition coaching programs end: Students in the Personalized Nutrition Advisor (PNA) program who have not previously studied science or nutritional therapy begin with a foundation in science and mathematics with the Basic Equivalency program.

The PNA program includes a clinical nutrition module that explores dietary fads and facts about everyday dietary choices.  Not only do students learn how to educate and support people to find their way to better health: a key component to changing the current world health paradigm is to deliver the right diet to the right person at the right time. The PNA program provides the tools and understanding to launch a career as a Personalized Nutrition Advisor. Those with existing qualifications as naturopathic doctors trained in the US or Canada are eligible to enter the Institute for Naturopathic Generative Medicine Program, a specialty certification recognised by the AANP. Those without these prerequisites can take the alternative ICGM program, and can instead receive a certification from the International College of Generative Medicine.